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I “the last one”, so if you give the theme of the improvement …. in the example of …. I doubt that you will find in the Internet the accounting records of the company. you mean the theory probably mean Yes? so these are two different things!!! so there is no need to engage in self-promotion :) ))) speaking of “inadequate personalities” – what kind of personality? probably the money came back to demand right?? :) )))

The previous girl

First: About buhucheta: if the customer requires “analysis of inhospitality company “horns and hooves”, bukhuchet, a certificate on the activities, Constitution and whatnot he must provide himself and even more so in the electronic version. If he has no – wave to handle. And if you have to handle this report then.

Second: the First time I hear that students are given a topic and indicate what firm it needs to improve. Usually give direction – for example, “improvement of the subsystem of deliveries of production on the example of the organization”. And organization student, in other words, the contractor must choose yourself – and then there iscem in the Internet, right, falsificare (but custom measures, persuasion, placement). Make up all work. Formatted according to the requirements of the University. Give the work to the student, warning him that if the teacher will require additions or corrections – firm guarantees them. Consider the money. Here, the previous girlfriend, the algorithm acts.

Oh and if return on completion is supplemented, correct. Give the second option. For free. Because the second time the student will come again to order to you. And fellow students will lead.

Oh, by the way. As a former teacher – a revelation of the soul you, the previous girl. If a student brings a redesigned work – read it for the second time in the scrap. Scrolls, say: “Well, you can when you want to…” And put the rating.

Now about the inadequate personalities. Those who do not know what you want. And the worst and explain that you don’t know what I want and what is required from them – can’t.

And what about when you come back to claim the money. Anything can be, I admit. Yes, it is easier to give them than to explain them wrong. What I’m doing.

The fourth and final. “Advertising – the motor trade”. UTB textbook of marketing, downloaded from the Internet.

passed perfectly) so, thank you))

with 55V you live in the same apartment? :) ))) hehe you have sales IPS the same, we’re not suckers, if you any hehehehe and by the way 20% of the assessment on the diploma, but 80% for graduation directly on the protection, so it is personally your merit, if it is true :) )))


I have a question. do you issue check? or how take into account the income? to USN? answer pelasta


55w and You’re at the office work or at home take on students?

how organized this process, it is very interesting to share :)

The answer


Better not have a smarter and more experienced than you people,students of all write if you’re not experienced is not worth lot of people like you who sit at home working, time and nerves you will spend and only get better tutoring

you’re rightin all, time and nerves – that’s for sure, but you can gain experience, start with a test or essays, then marcovici, diploma… although I would not recommend it…

Yes, of course information in the Internet a lot, but it’s just a theory… and the teacher know her well, so it will be necessary to strain…

first there will be nothing then get bored

and bromide will be too late because you already otran from life and in addition to these essays not able to do anything. Then now ijdet a tendency to reduce written work in universities.

first there will be nothing then get bored

and bromide will be too late because you already otran from life and in addition to these essays not able to do anything. Then now ijdet a tendency to reduce written work in universities.

as there is a tendency to reduction of written work in universities, as far as I know everything is as it was term papers, essays, dissertations write :) )))

How write thesis

at Boo.accounting on the theme”Accounting and analysis of remuneration in your organization for example…”? And what documents you need to provide on this topic?

sorry of course

you will not write nor for how much, before mentioned, and now as glitsa crowbars, can advise you for free!!!


where learn? and who is the leader? I have a ready protected in Dec 2009 for 5.

Nadia, if you are serious, I can take

I’ve been doing this a long time ago, in school with homework started. when the birth and stayed home with the baby, it was my main income, leaving an average of 15-20 thousand per month and while not particularly hard, if you try, you can earn more money. of course, it all depends on whether there are customers,there are always those months when hot and cold, depending on the situation at universities – somebody session, some don’t. in the end accumulating their own clientele, I ads are served very rarely. will make a good one for him and classmates and friends catch up :) when I worked at an accelerated pace, I had more than 10 people from the same course. Respectively, then the earnings are impressive, but we have to work a lot. Most importantly, this base – textbooks, lectures, manuals (preferably in electronic form, it’s easier), especially the necessary consultant plus or the Garant that you prefer. This is most important if work on legal subjects. About the customers, listen to yourself, to your intuition. Inadequate personalities who don’t know what you want, you can calculate already in the stage of the phone conversation. At least all my clients are great people, we share a fruitful cooperation and bad words in my address I did not hear because I was trying and worked on the conscience. This is the most important thing in any business, and it should be considered first and foremost. You should never lick the old Internet, and putting it into digestible form, to think “maybe a ride” – with this attitude will achieve nothing. good luck to you!

Hello! You on the history of economic thought course fulfill? Or have ready? And computer science?

ready no, but I can write for a couple of days

tasks and preferably manuals on mail and write where you study and with whom, if a lawyer-economist, a computer science student can do, and if for technical professions, probably not.



Who can take up the diploma in transport.. Any air in W/d everything rides swims and flies.. UNIVERSITY ACADEMY

How disgusting to read all this

if only you knew. Each session I hand in your papers, essays and coursework. Hand on heart – 98% of them deserve only garbage. Well, maybe even kitty litter. But you have to take them – thus boosting your self-esteem. It’s not just disrespectful to the teacher. It is the cultivation of respecialize, slackers and bums, blatant liars and deceivers. Write-write. Contact the lawyers from the “qualification” that will then depend human destiny. Write doctors (Oh-Oh-Oh, it is particularly necessary to help to write), just remember that this medic then, it is possible to treat your child or to do surgery or to diagnose. It is possible for a correct solution it is not enough that is the information that instead of it worked for YOU. No need to argue, they say, I don’t write on medical topics, there are those who write about it. It is not in the subject case principle. You actually engaged in illegal activities, fraud, forgery. And even dare to publicly proud of it.



under the name hides the teacher not the teacher and former student, AAPI who writes all the thesis thus removes competition



A good teacher the students get good knowledge and really could do their course work. The girl is engaged in business, finish Your work, give them what You gave to the student. Maybe it’s for reasons beyond your control, for example, reducing hours, low teaching level, and educational system, when to enter but also those who really are not able to learn. Incidentally, business is business, pay taxes and legally. The teacher bent – fraud. Again and would have something to say, and the teacher


if you don’t want to learn, then the knowledge in your head no one vinduet, no honoredthe teacher and so on.



the statement is very controversial, the teacher should be able to generate interest in his subject

Course work in the history of economic thought

is it different from abstract? the first tower I have a technical course consists of calculations, drawings… and in the Humanities like to do a course do not represent. Give advice.

the teacher


Go to his Department. Download on a flash card training manual (guidelines a student for writing term papers for correspondence Department – they should be included in the work programme on the subject). If they are not in electronic form, ask at least show. There all requirements. Because each University and Department may vary. Good luck.


Yes of course I agree… but there are people who simply have no time to write term papers and essays, but they work

ayut with a degree and a diploma of the tower necessarily require manual or quit. Yes, there are certainly lazy-”customers”, I am surprised when such the grades and issue diplomas. personally, I had to advise such graduates. don’t know what a balance sheet, assets and liabilities zashishaet a diploma of economist, accountant, etc. here at the University and have to weed them out… that’s the job of the teacher – put the unsatisfactory and otzivite, exclude the student. no – because you also need money for bread and to support their children… by the way, I also know a lot of teacher, who then works the same as its resell part-time students! consequently draw conclusions.

the teacher


Thanks for the advice. And will continue to do, to return 10 times for revision. Will not go bankrupt? question for everyone “writers” essays.

Specifically on your comments, Ala. It is very difficult to prove that the work is not written by the student. That is, I can see it perfectly, I can fill up. But the student may challenge the mark, insisting that the job is still his. And by the way, my “bread”, though not large, but earn it honestly, there is nothing me it to blame. Not engaged in the resale of your work and fraud. Therefore, the conclusion…


:) well, okay “‘”, I also think your earnings are honest

at least because on each job “working like a dog”. there is a demand – there is proposal. it’s called advice and assistance in the writing works well, or just as sekretarsky work. tutoring. well I do not sell fake diplomas.



in connection with the possibility of a huge portion of the population to enter higher education most of them are just part of the self will never be able to perform a thesis, for a number of reasons, no data, no knowledge, no time, etc. I often think, what would the teachers graduates with a crowd of 100-150 people, if not those who help them to do the work, and it’s not their fault, but the fault of our education system.

tell me, pliz.

and control on pages 18-23, mini course)


Somebody writes coursework in the criminal process? Need on the topic of “Publicity and optionality in Russian criminal proceedings”. That quality was, because the teacher antiplagiarism checks 5-6 time a negative review is to write. As Consultant and Guarantor is generally better not to use it, there is little material and teachers also watched. And dissertations also check (especially the abstract). And said that we must rely on his doctoral of L. Maslennikova. Maybe someone will help for 5 pieces?

can perform

tel 79246648161

Completely without training, the scientific literature will not do, you’re not going to win a Nobel prize for his work to

preschool pedagogy.

It is not the price of the author, and one who resells, i.e. an intermediary. From the author of you can negotiate much cheaper(depending on time and financial situation). Those who promise a term paper for the 500r.(especially in the VC) can not be trusted – pay, get nothing. The normal price is 100-150$(depends on the amount and subject matter). To me the term paper on a similar topic: http: and wrote for 3900 R.



and you can consult on the Basics of Accounting? if Yes then for how much?)



and you can consult on the Basics of Accounting? if Yes then for how much?)

8914 2863753


From 2 million I think really of making even the most simple jobs, not complicated common theme, of course depends more on the quality, check for plagiarism and other design.

I bought the guys from diplomeasy http: 7 (812) 240-13-43

Make at least qualitatively, the price tags they have on the website, for comparison you can look.


Hi all. I would like to share with you about the service Nerd . I work and study by correspondence and time is completely gone. Many sites climbs and did not find anything suitable, and then my friend suggested site http: I had to do coursework, and I contacted them directly to the website, filled out the application, after some time I received a reply e-mail. Discussed all the details, and after five days I received the finished course project and turned it in on 5, for which very grateful for this service.


Hello!do the essays under the order, you can contact with me by mail:


I also decided to start writing term papers in the specialty”Finance and credit”, appeared during the free. (if that whats ap 79142276103).

She is always perfectly protected, 2 I have a diploma. Experience writing course is, students good grades received. But if you faithfully write, it is not very easy, to be honest)


Probably a little late. But I will say)) who writes to you work? People who don’t even know what statements of JSC according to the law published in the network. And these two “professional” and even argue with each other. Mostly pealike just such illiterate people. Write for yourself, or order with friends or in a normal office. PS Write operation, combined with teaching practice.


Write diploma, master, coursework in law. All I bring to the defense.Write for many years, since 2001. Often write for AEPI, NEFU, etc. 8-914-296-96-15

Well done urgently thesis.

All done quickly and efficiently, competently and with all the requirements thoughtfully and without error. Several times required changes in the work and no problems have made them very quickly and all the rules. I am very pleased. Recommend to friends who only have defense and sleepless nights.

Thesis topic:

1. The efficiency and profitability of use of the service GPON, ETTH, xDSLна GTS and STS

2. Software development for automatic configuration of terminal equipment for subscribers

3. Build a corporate IP telephony system based on free PBX Asterisk.

4. The research and development of wound construction technology VOLS

5. Design and calculation of fiber-optic communication lines with

the specified input parameters

7. Development of program – methodical module “Chukchi language”

8. Construction and calculation of IP video surveillance for example, the company

9. Improvement of physical training of the technical staff (for example, employees of JSC Diamonds of Anabara)

10. Modernization of cell Internet Beeline to 4G in St. Ilbenge

Coursework topics:

2. System design of gas supply and local gas pipeline in St. Ilbenge

3. Unconventional methods of adaptation in preschool young children

3. Psychological and pedagogical support of Junior schoolchildren from disadvantaged families

4. Securities as an object of civil rights

5. The formation of a conscious attitude to learning in younger schoolchildren in the process of extracurricular activities

6. Determining a speed of transmission of useful information and optimal cable length

7. Teaching activities G. E. Bessonova

8. The problem of the teacher and children with deviant behavior


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